About Manga Traders

Manga Traders is a site dedicated to making English translated manga available to the world. It was founded by Aftershock, who wanted to give something back to the manga community by providing a simple, effective way for people to obtain translated manga for free. In the past it was difficult for a person to find different manga series, as they were spread out all over the net. The goal of Manga Traders is to bring all translated manga together so people can find what ever they are looking for in one location.

Initially Manga Traders was a glorified dumping ground. The few staff members added whatever manga they saw fit to share, and users would come and download them. But, as time wore on and more and more manga became popular, it was decided that the staff alone was not sufficient to obtain and upload all the titles available or desired. Thus the site was reformed into a true trading center. In order to live up to the title of traders, as well as take slack off of the staff, it was decided that any user would be allowed to upload any manga they wished, as long as it was translated into English. In this way Manga Traders has grown as more and more rare or obscure manga are brought to us by users from all over the world.

By allowing users to share their manga, every user of the site is exposed to nearly everything the world of manga has to offer. With the addition of forums, people can talk about the manga they obtain from the site and offer suggestions to one another about what may interest them.


About the Staff

Aftershock AKA 'Boss' - Owner - Co-Founder - Main Programmer

Born, to simple, boring folk somewhere in the Americas, Aftershock grew up lead a simple, boring life noticed by few, cared about by fewer. Withdrawing from human interaction he filled his time obtaining and perfecting skills in web programming and database management as well as a developing an interest in Japanese anime and manga. One day he decided to put those sills to use making website. After a consultation with Kai, his only real human acquaintance it was decided that the site would be a place where people could obtain popular manga titles for download. Aftershock is the main brain behind Manga Traders, working hard to make sure the servers are running properly and all the sites components are interfacing smoothly. When there's a problem at hand he is the first one the staff turn to for a fix, however he is NEVER to be disturbed by regular users, as he is not good with communicating with others and has a bit of a temper. Until recently only Kai was able to converse with him successfully without him shutting down completely and not being seen online for days.


Yukimura - Head Website Moderator - Assistant Administrator - Assistant Programmer

Born into the violence and fear of the inner city, Yukimura was somehow unaffected by all the deviant behavior around him. Instead he spent his days just hanging out with friends. When it came time to leave his old neighborhood and go to college Yukimura found himself adrift without the support of his friends from home. Finding the people in school vastly different from those he was familiar with Yuki turned to the net to try and find support. What Yuki needed was a place to belong to, and when he stumbled upon the fledgling Manga Traders he found that the people here somehow reminded him of home and he latched on. It was soon after that Aftershock decided that the amount of manga desired by members was fast outgrowing the pace at which the staff could keep up with posting it. Yukimura was brought onto the staff to perform the onerous task of organizing, labelling, and posting all the manga uploaded by the various staff members to the site. When the site evolved to include submissions from all users Yuki's task became several times more difficult. Faced with the huge amount of work he felt obligated to complete, as well as mounting pressures from real life he had something of a nervous breakdown and among other things started begging for the staff to provide him with help. With the addition of IFHTT, and later vampy and finally Yenkaz he seems to have recovered. With people of his own to boss around he doesn't bother the rest of the staff much anymore and after his episode he seems to have gained some perspective on dealing with the other crazy people that he comes across.

Fortunately, (perhaps unfortunately) Yuki is also an enormous perfectionist. He wrote the uploading rules and he enforces them as well as the forum rules with an iron fist. Any new uploaders or posters should beware his wrath as even the tiniest mistakes can push him into a rage. Despite his authoritarian ways Yukimura was also voted most popular forum member, we're not 100% sure the results are valid though, since he has access to the site database.


yenkaz - Web Site Moderator - Staff Emo

Yenkaz comes from Europe, so right off the bat the rest of the staff thought he was a bit strange. Son of an abusive drug distributor it was no wonder that Yenkaz acted a little 'fucked up'. Add that to the constant depressing talk about how miserable his life is and the frequent links he posts on IRC to poems about death and pictures of dead animals and we've all concluded he is well and truly emo. We suspect he'll just go ahead and end it one of these days, but until then he helps out the frazzled Yukimura with posting user submissions to the web site. Yenkaz has taken to crying about the poor state of affairs many uploaded files are in and seems to take it extremely personally whenever people make mistakes in labeling submissions. Yenkaz sometimes comes into the channel completely optimistic and excited talking about every single thing he'd seen that day in great detail. He claims that in addition to the million other things that are wrong with his life he's also bipolar. Knowing his background however, we're pretty sure he's just been skimming some samples from daddy's desk drawers and lying about it. Deadfire usually asks a few times a month for a hook up. One of the compelling reasons why the staff was willing to put up with Yenkaz as a mod was the abrupt departure of IFHTT. A few weeks after he'd disappeared Yuki started falling apart again and Yenkaz was there to fill the void, recognizing in Yuki a kindred emo spirit. Nowadays they toil away together keeping the files on the site organized while muttering to each other about how sad their lives are.


zraith - Web Site Moderator - Staff

zraith is another of our work release staff members. He was raised under the 'supervision of the state' from the age of 12 but was released upon turning 18. Neglected by his family, zraith spent most of his childhood reading at the local library. After years with no real interaction with live human beings zratih became more and more detached from the real world. One fateful day he went to the shelves to get the last volume of The Hardy Boys Case files only to find it had been checked out. Having read every other book in the series save this one and having never experienced a book he'd wanted being unavailable zraith calmly deduced that he'd have to find out where the book was and get it himself. He was able to steal a glance at the library computer system and found the address of the person who'd checked out the book. He made up his mind to pay the house a visit to see how long they would be keeping the book. Upon arrival he knocked on the door. What didn't occur to zraith was that he had spent hours walking to this house and by now everyone was fast asleep. Focused solely on getting his hands on the book, zratih figured that if the residents weren't going to wake up due to his knocking he'd have to 'smoke them out' ( a strategy he'd read about in several books). zraith found a few cans of gasoline and some matches in a shed behind the house and set to work making improvised Molotov cocktail (using a method described in a book)and tossing it through a window. Awakened by the noise of windows breaking and flames crackling the innocent family managed to escape before the flames could spread and engulf the house, zraith was even able to dart in, find the book, and get out. The police found him half an hour later reading the book under a nearby street lamp and thus began his 6 year vacation in juvenile hall. Upon release he went to a bookstore and noticed manga for the first time. He soon became obsessed with this new form of reading and turned to the Internet when he couldn't find what he was looking for in local stores. Now he works with Yuki and Yenkaz to maintain some semblance of order among the myriad files uploaded to the site. Fortunately since we have so much manga coming in there's always something new for him to read. Zraith was a great addition to the staff, his dedication and attention to detail are top notch and he is a prolific reuploader.


KaKaR - Assistant Site Administrator - Shadow Queen - Staff Mom

KaKaR is a natural mother even though she has no known children other than Manga Traders who she spoils awfully. Once she joined the staff she quickly rose through the ranks through aggressive application of the "work your ass off until everything relies on you and no one could stand to see you leave" doctrine. It is estimated that Manga Traders would implode within 6 days if KaKaR were to stop working on the site. After Yukimura"s seventeenth nervous breakdown KaKaR officially took on the heavy burden of being manager of day to day operations on the site. It is widely believed that she plans to poison him and take full control of the site but keeps herself too busy running the site to actually execute this plan.

Filter - Site Moderator - Prince of Sarcasm


Evilhime - Site Moderator - Staff Girl

We don't know anything about Evilhime b/c she is extremely shy, and snarky, but mostly shy.


Forum Staff


Former/Inactive Staff

Kai - Co-Founder - Lead Dreamer

Born on the open plains of the Australian Outback, Kai's first words had something to do with a didgeridoo, a beer, and a ham sandwich. After occupying his youth with sex, drugs, and shenanigans Kai was struck by the urge to settle down at the ripe age of 20. He found himself a nice young Sheila and had her knocked her up by their third date and engaged to him by the 8th. One day about a year later a quiet conversation over dinner with his once again pregnant wife made him realize what a mistake he'd made to completely throw away his wild side for his blue collar job and loving family. He turned to the net seeking something he could do to reclaim some part of that past without fully descending back to his rambunctious former self, something he could keep away from the eyes of his loving Sheila. Kai found his answer in manga and dove head first into the fierce world of scanslations and IRC chatting, hoping that reading about the fantasy worlds would ease his anxiety over his perfect but boring life. After months of being disillusioned by the difficulties one faces trying to locate and acquire manga he and fellow enthusiast Aftershock set out to create a single place where manga fans could find any title they might desire.


IFHTT - Formerly Aftershock's Personal Assistant

IFHTT is from the American South and is a confessed and proud cousin fucker. Now before you get too disgusted, we've seen pics of most of his cousins and we totally understand. His parents have 18 brothers and sisters between them and IFHTT is one of the only two boys produced by that whole generation. This kid has 38 sexy female cousins as well as 3 smokin' hot sisters, could you blame him? When he wasn't sneaking off to go balls deep into one of his cousins he worked in a car dealership doing 'computer stuff' for them. However one day he just up and vanished, saying something about needing to restart his computer. The next time we heard from him was several months later. After much prodding we learned that he had finally been caught fucking one of his cousins. His parents sent him to several 'specialists' who painfully tried to cure him of his obsession with them. At one point he admitted he had tried to kill himself after getting foiled in an attempt to sneak away and rendezvous with two of his favorites. This was the most popular theory as to why he had vanished. IFHTT has apparently been cured, but his activities are strictly monitored and he is not able to devote as much time to the net as he used to. The staff extends its condolences to IFHTT as those cousins were damn fine and even though it's totally not cool, we can understand his temptation. As he is now undergoing rehab for his internet addiction his web site staff access has been removed.

Nasphreak29 - Former Web Site Moderator

Nas is the sites true psychopath, unlike Yuki's nervous breakdowns or Yenkaz's depression fits Nas is just a violent, abusive, alcoholic, nut case. He keeps his family in perpetual fear for as he'd likely to attack anyone at the slightest provocation. Considering his family you can almost understand here it comes from. Nas's mother has a severe gambling addiction and his father is an overworked tight-ass who tries to control every aspect of Nas's life in an attempt to 'bring him up right'. Things started changing for Nas after his mother blew a huge sum of family money on a World Cup match and then resolved to try and drown her gambling habit out with alcohol. Unfortunately for 13 year old Nas she was too ashamed to drink alone and so she poured drinks for him and forced him to be her drinking buddy. By 14 he was drinking her under the table and by 15 all his pent up frustration and aggression was starting to seep through due in large part to his best friend Mr. Stoli. Things came to a head during a Thanksgiving dinner when Nas's dad refused to give him an entire leg. Already fairly trashed Nas's rage exploded through the thin barriers in his conscious and he snapped. As the story goes he jumped up, knocked his dad flat on his back, stuffed his hand into the turkey and proceeded to beat his father unconscious with it. From that night on Nas was always itching for a fight, and he would attack anyone at the slightest provocation. Although he was not above beating those closest to him, he does seem to care about his family and is quite loyal in defending them against outsiders. To this effect he's beaten up every guy who's ever approached any of his sisters. Fortunately for his family however Nas recently did what everyone thought was impossible, he found himself a girlfriend. Nas's girlfriend is a true masochist in every sense, so no matter how much he abuses her she just takes it and then asks for more. She asks for so much abuse that when their together for a while his anger eventually dries up and he can function like a normal person. We originally brought Nas onto the staff to help out filling in summaries for new categories and uploading replacement files but he stopped doing anything and stopped communicating with the staff at all. We figure he is either pulling a TT or he finally got arrested for his abusive ways, either way he is no longer counted among the staff.

vampy - Former Web Site Staff - Former Staff Girl

vampy is a conundrum, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a sex crazed teenager with an unhealthy interest in ecchi manga. She came to us through Kai, who we suspect she has pretty close net relationship with. She is a bit of a cyber slut, always chatting up the staff and trying to get them to rate her pics. She's not ugly or anything, but she can't really compare with most of IFHTT's cousins so we generally just avoid her questions. Before Yenkaz she was briefly made a Web Site moderator to help out, but she proved to be an enormous slacker when it came to working unsupervised, preferring instead to converse on irc and try and get people to cyber with her. It is suspected that she succeeded with at least one staff member.

Daisuki-chan - Forum Moderator

Political correctness prevents us from telling the sordid and disturbing story of Daisuki, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Daisuki abruptly quit one day for an unspecified reason and hasn't been seen since.

Ariolander - Forum Moderator

Ariolander is an otaku. You all know that guy, the one who's not just obsessed with anime and manga but is always talking about other random aspects of Japan or Japanese otaku culture. He write fan fics, he runs an anime club, he does pod casts, and he has body pillows, plushies, and other otaku loot falling out of every closet in his house. Fortunately, despite his high level of otakuness he, like Veleon, happens to be quite functional and intelligent. Ariolander is able to form complex ideas and speak intelligently on a range of topics with ease and is a welcome addition to the staff. Ario left Manga Traders to work on Hentaitraders, after the fall of Hentaitraders we're not really sure what happened to him.

Thi3f - Forum Moderator - Staff Artist

Thi3f left because he hated everyone on the forums and couldn't stand them any more. He still shows up from time to time but has retired as an official staff member.

Deadfire - Head Forum Administrator - Web Site Moderator - Assistant Programmer

Deadfire comes to us from a much darker place. He is apparently an ex-convict who was released early from jail 'on his own recognizance' instead of being put on parole or even probation. We know he was sent in for embezzlement but we don't ask too many questions about the details. The last time we pushed him about his past he responded with a photo of someone being beaten savagely with a keyboard. Kai recognized that the keyboard was the same one seen in a picture of Deadfire's room both missing the ` key. He developed a knack for programming taking prison annex classes in addition to a strong belief in the righteousness of communism. In addition to moderating files he administrates the Manga Traders forums and is also responsible for coding the 'face' of the most recent incarnation of the Manga Traders interface. While generally quiet and unobtrusive he has a tendency to make angry outbursts completely unprovoked and is generally left to his own devices. We've recently learned that he has signed up as a volunteer for Greenpeace in an effort to reduce his violent tendencies as well as spread the teachings of Marx to the undeveloped masses. It is not known if he will be able to continue serving on the staff when he leaves for wherever he's going. Deadfire up and vanished one day, we can only assume the law finally caught up with him again.

bookfreakluver - Former Site Moderator - Yukimura"s Personal Assistant

bookfreakluver left because she and KaKaR are both attractive women and there"s an ancient rule online that no more than one attractive female can work on a given website for every 20 male workers. Failure to otherwise the tension as they compete indirectly for the attention of the male staffers tends to destroy the site. Rather than see this happen bookfreakluver graciously stepped down from her position though rumor has it she still serves as Yukimura's assistant from time to time.

Morghus - Forum Moderator

Veleon - Forum Moderator

Veleon is a bright star in this dark world, possessing nearly otaku level zeal as well as intelligence and charisma he's just an all around awesome guy. He's sometimes a bit rough around the edges but that just serves to make him more of a cool guy and we're glad he works on the forum. An sad fact about Veleon though, he went to a fortune teller and she predicted he would die the day he got his first girlfriend. How sad. Fortunately for us that means he has even more time to dedicate to the site.