Mangatraders IRC Chat -


You can type '/nick nickname' (no quotes) in the window to change your nickname.

NOTE: You shouldn't expect people to respond to you as soon as you join, IRC is more of a long term interface.

If you are kicked out of the channel you may try to rejoin by typing /rejoin. Being generally annoying or not listening to the staff may result in a permanent ban.

Type /help, or /ns help for help with irc or nickserv commands.

NOTE: Manga Traders does not control the IRCHighway network. It is possible someone else has already registered your Manga Traders username on IRChighway. If this is the case your nick will automatically be changed to Guest###### if you try to use your MT username.

KNOWN ISSUE: If you try to log on more than once with a nick that is currently in use you will get connected but you won't join the channel. Type: /join #tradersnetwork if all you see is "+++ SomeName set to mode +ix