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MT Rating: 32.7355 (Rank: 11484) |Series Added: 2009-06-29

Type: Manga

Author(s): YOSHINAGA Fumi

Artist(s): YOSHINAGA Fumi

Status in Home Country: Complete - 1 Volumes

Licensed By: June

Scanslation Status: Complete

Summary Updated: 2012-05-06

Genre(s) : Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Yaoi

Other Title(s) :
  • それを言ったらおしまいよ
  • Don't Say Any More, Darling
Summary :

Kouhei is a doctor at the local university hospital who has lost touch with his high school friend Tadashi. While Kouhei grew up to become a successful young doctor, Tadashi became a jobless, poor-as-dirt, flaming gay writer. But one lonely night, at his wits end, Tadashi sends Kouhei a text message and receives a reply. Of course Tadashi has secretly harbored feelings for Kouhei for a long time. But when he finds out Kouhei is getting set-up for an arranged marriage… (this is for the first chapter only; the other 4 chapters are unrelated)

The only thing keeping Tadashi, a struggling song lyricist, alive is food handouts from Kouhei, a successful doctor. In fact, Tadashi has been leeching off of Kouhei for practically their entire professional lives.

Before they arrived at this queer living arrangement, they once enjoyed a little fling back when they were in high school. Though the affair ended briefly afterwards, they've remained fast friends still. But Kouhei's parents want nothing more than to see their son settling down. As Kouhei is pushed ever more forcefully into an arranged marriage, will he finally admit that he sees Tadashi as something more than just a friend?

story 2 - My Eternal Sweetheart
Sir Arthur, a teenager, has immune deficiency syndrome. He can never leave his house because of all the bacteria outside, thus he feels eternally bored. So to satiate his boredom, he asks his brother to make him some sexdroids to have fun. But, his restless boredom still remains...

story 3 - Fairyland
"Because humans had become so foolish and indecent, God punished them by erasing them from the Earth."
It's been a month, and there was no sight of humans except for himself. Sawada Ryohei thought he was the only one left, until he spotted a bespectacled boy. And it turns out that, this fairytale wasn't a good one.

story 4 - One May Day (Josei)
A professor went to a restaurant one day, and it wasn't that good. But the little things about the owner(?) Sachiko, like her pretty forehead, made him a regular there. Little things can change everything.

story 5
A young, beautiful, talented pianist. That's what he was.
No longer is he young; No longer does he have men in lines just waiting to embrace him. Because he indulged in his one-time fame, he neglected everything else and now has become any regular bearded Joe.
Now in his 40s, he just wants his strike in love! But does he still have it

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NOTICE: This series is on our Do Not Upload List, we do not host any files from it.