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MT Rating: 34.49 (Rank: 855) |Series Added: 2010-07-03

Type: Manga

Author(s): AMAZUME Ryuta, YOSHITOMI Akihito, TALI, Takamichi, SHIONO Etorouji, YOUNAGI Kahoru, NAGATSUKI Misoka

Artist(s): AMAZUME Ryuta, YOSHITOMI Akihito, TALI, Takamichi, SHIONO Etorouji, YOUNAGI Kahoru, NAGATSUKI Misoka

Status in Home Country: Ongoing - 8 Volumes

Scanslation Status: Ongoing

Summary Updated: 2013-08-29Last File Added: 2013-01-08

Genre(s) : Comedy, Ecchi, Gender Bender, Martial Arts, Reverse Harem, School Life, Seinen, Sports

Other Title(s) :
  • Balance Policy
  • Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy
  • First Night, First Morning
  • Girls Sanctuary
  • Hashiru Kakeru Subaru!
Summary :

The change H! manga anthology series by eromanga publishers Shonengahosha ( concentrates on gender-bending stories, cross-dressing, possession, sex change, etc. Each volume is titled with a colour; Change H! Pink was the first volume, Blue the second one, Yellow the third, Green the fourth, Purple the fifth volume, Red the sixth, White the seventh and Orange the eighth and currently last. The series was on hiatus for about 20 months. Several stories have been released as separate tanko collections and some storylines were continued in Shonegahosha periodical titles such as Monthly Young King magazine.

The Change H! anthology series restarted publication again in Dec 2012 with Change H! Orange.

Boy Meets Girl Girl Meets Boy by Amazume Ryuta.

Jun Koide is a high-school girl who is suffering from post-pubertal sex change disorder; she is turning into a boy and now has a penis and she is desperately trying to keep her condition a secret from everyone. Her classmate Okashita Yuu is a boy who is suffering from the same disease, slowly changing into a girl but his condition is no secret to his lust-filled male classmates.
- Part 1 in Change H! v01 Pink
- Part 2 in Change H! v03 Yellow.
- Part 3 in Change H! v04 Green.

First Night, First Morning by Amazume Ryuta

This one-shot is the story of Kirino who runs into his old school buddy, Oda Ayumi at a school reunion party -- only Oda is now a beautiful girl who insists in coming home with him to remind him of a stupid promise they made to each other long ago.
- Change H! v02 Blue.

Kawase, Me and 'That Thing' one Summer by Amazume Ryuta

One summer Jun finds out the difference between boys and girls with the aid of his classmate Kawase and That Thing.
- Change H! v05 Purple.
A related story, "Me, Kawase, and the Feminine Me".
- Change H! v06 Red.

Balance Policy by Yoshitomi Akihito

Masaomi is a young boy who meets his old friend Kenji-kun, a boy who has been changed in an unspecified manner into a girl in order to help maintain the human population after some kind of fertility failure worldwide has resulted in hardly any female babies being born.
- Part 1 in Change H! v03 Yellow.
- Part 2 in Change H! v04 Green.
- Part 3 in Change H! v05 Purple.
- Part 4 in Change H! v06 Red.
- Part 5 in Change H! v07 white.
- Part 6 in Gekkan Young King magazine 2012-01.
- Part 7 in Gekkan Young King magazine 2012-08.
- Part 8 in Gekkan Young King magazine 2012-10.
- Part 9 in Change H! v09 Orange.

Hashiru Kakeru Subaru! by TALI (a collaborative pseudonym)

Honda Subaru (don't laugh) is the premier street-fighter in town. Unbeatable when the fists meet, a secret lurks beneath the gakuran (boy's school uniform) Subaru always wears. Well, two tightly wrapped secrets actually... The artists blog (in Japanese) is at
- Part 1 in Change H! v01 Pink.
- Part 2 in Change H! v02 Blue.

Girls Sanctuary by Takamichi

Manager-san runs the top-class cafe Sanctuary whose doors are open only to females. Reckless boys who invade his domain to pester the customers with their unwanted attentions are quickly identified and ejected, even if they are disguised as girls themselves. No male can escape Manager-san's gimlet eye! Or can they?
- Part 1 in Change H! v01 Pink.
- Part 2 in Change H! v02 Blue.
- Part 3 in Change H! v03 Yellow.

Brocken Blood V omake by Shiono Etorouji

Shurutsu Kenichi is German and a hereditary "Brocken" destined to fight "witches" created by the potions of a 17th-century German alchemist. Unfortunately for him his battles against evil take place while he is dressed as a magical girl heroine. The chapter is a short all-colour four-page omake (extra) comic. The regular Brocken Blood manga can be found at
- Change H! v02 Blue.

Hikarism by Younagi Kahoru

Kirishima Hikaru volunteers to help a classmate find a girlfriend but in a rather unconventional manner. Later he volunteers to act in the class play but again the role he chooses causes some raised eyebrows.
- Part 1 in Change H! v04 Green.
- Part 2 in Change H! v05 Purple.

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