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This is our listing of manga titles. It is our members that upload and download, and they do so by their own choice and at their own risk. We only request that all files uploaded are comics of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean origin with English translations which do not clasiffy as hentai, which we define as comics that focus primarily on the vivid depiction of sexual activities. Beyond these constraints we will not hold users responsible for the content of their submissions as such we do not vouch for the quality or content of files uploaded to the site. Users are welcome to upload higher quality replacements for any files on the site if something we offer is not the best out there. See the Uploading Rules for more details.

Because of the community driven nature of Manga Traders there are some things you should know. Manga Traders will never reveal any information about a user, uploader or downloader, apart from what that user chooses to shows others as long as said user follows the rules of the site. We allow anyone to upload any scanslated manga to our site and that manga will in turn be made available for download by any of our members. We do not discriminate based on the source of the file except under special circumstances. If any group has a problem with any of the files that has been uploaded to MT we will listen to your concerns, however we are not in the habit of removing any files that do not violate our terms of use.

Note: While we do not host hentai we do host manga of many different genres. Some titles may contain content aimed at a more mature audience. If you have delicate sensibilites or are considering downloading manga for a minor to read we strongly recommended you pay attention to genre information and do research before downloading any file from this site. Manga Traders supports providing information about any title but we do not take responsibility for ensuring that anyone is not exposed to content that they may not wish to view.

How to Browse For Manga on Manga Traders:

If you wish to browse for a particular manga simply select the letter corresponding to the first letter of the title and look for a link. If you can not find the manga you seek we recommend you try the search feature, which will also search for alternate titles for your query. If this doesn't yield results it is likely no one has uploaded that title yet. Head over to the forums and check the wish list thread. If the series you want is not on the list add it, and eventually it should be uploaded. While the site is primarily community driven members of the staff will routinely check the wish list and try to upload any titles desired at their earliest convenience. So if we don't have what you want, there's a good chance we will in time. A note however, DO NOT request the latest chapter of the series XXXXXX in the wish list thread, it is meant for series as a whole.

To see information about each series or browse based on genre, completion status, etc use the Extended Series List.

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