Uploads for Friday, September 12th 2008

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dl4 Haunted Junction v01 c02 Haunted Junction 17.12MB View
dl3 Haunted Junction v01 c01 Haunted Junction 19.23MB View
dl2 Hot Gimmick v05 c20-23 Hot Gimmick 43.83MB View
dl3 Dorohedoro v03 c12-17 + Extra Dorohedoro 78.52MB View
dl4 Area no Kishi v01 c01-03 Area no Kishi 47.59MB View
dl5 Sugar Addiction v02 c07-14 Sugar Addiction 38.33MB View
dl3 Melody of Oblivion v01 c01-04 Melody of Oblivion 37.99MB View
dl5 Captain Tsubasa v27 c88-89 Captain Tsubasa 19.07MB View
dl5 Captain Tsubasa v26 c86-87 Captain Tsubasa 20.65MB View
dl2 Dragon Drive v03 c09-12 Dragon Drive 33.84MB View
dl1 Dragon Drive v04 c13-16 Dragon Drive 31.51MB View
dl2 GirlxGirlxBoy (Complete) GirlxGirlxBoy 47.95MB View
dl5 Dragon Drive v02 c05-08 Dragon Drive 27.95MB View
dl5 Ouke no Monshou v08 c29-32 Ouke no Monshou 28.28MB View
dl3 Bowling King v10 c092-102 Bowling King 33.50MB View
dl2 Bowling King v09 c81-91 Bowling King 31.89MB View