Uploads for Friday, November 21st 2008

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dl5 Beauty!! v01 c01-05 + Extra Beauty!! 36.24MB View
dl2 Cassiopeia Dolce v01 c03 Cassiopeia Dolce 8.38MB View
dl2 Hayate the Combat Butler v10 c97-107 Hayate the Combat Butler 91.54MB View
dl1 Kiss v04 c16-21 + Omake Kiss 31.01MB View
dl4 Say Love v01 c01 Say Love 6.32MB View
dl5 Say Love v01 c02 Say Love 2.64MB View
dl2 Say Love v01 c03 Say Love 3.15MB View
dl3 Seol Hui v01 Seol Hui 39.20MB View
dl4 Shamo v24 c36-40 Shamo 59.91MB View
dl3 Shamo v24 c41-44 Shamo 55.31MB View
dl2 Shuugaku Ryokou no Susume Shuugaku Ryokou no Susume 8.49MB View
dl1 Takeru - Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil v02 c07 Takeru - Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil 20.39MB View
dl5 W-Juliet II v01 c01-04 W-Juliet II 66.09MB View
dl5 Weiss Side B v01 c00-04 Weiss Side B 27.58MB View