Uploads for Sunday, December 21st 2008

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dl5 Ghost in the Shell v01 c01-07 Ghost in the Shell 62.83MB View
dl3 Tameiki no Ondo 05 - Bokutachi no Sotsugyou Tameiki no Ondo 21.09MB View
dl4 Hatsukoi no Yamai (Complete) Hatsukoi no Yamai 50.16MB View
dl4 Mamotte! Lollipop v02 c05-09 Mamotte! Lollipop 35.85MB View
dl3 Oneichan to Issho v01 c01-04 + Omake Oneichan to Issho 31.36MB View
dl5 Trouble Maker v01 c01 Trouble Maker 4.92MB View
dl1 Shigurui v02 c06-10 Shigurui 55.39MB View
dl5 Star Blacks v01 c01-04 Star Blacks 62.67MB View