Uploads for Friday, July 1st 2011

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dl3 Tetsu x Rika (Complete) Tetsu x Rika 55.69MB View
dl2 Chinatsu's Voice v03 c20-31 Chinatsu's Voice 69.04MB View
dl1 Arakawa Under the Bridge v08 c197-225 + Extra Arakawa Under the Bridge 44.98MB View
dl3 EX - Shounen Hyouryuu v01 c01-04 EX - Shounen Hyouryuu 81.16MB View
dl1 GetBackers v36 c306-315 GetBackers 66.74MB View
dl3 Green Boy c016-30 Green Boy 60.74MB View
dl4 Konbini-kun v01 c03 Konbini-kun 7.60MB View
dl1 Giant Killing v03 c23-27 (2 of 2) Giant Killing 61.54MB View
dl3 Giant Killing v03 c18-22 (1 of 2) Giant Killing 63.15MB View
dl5 Higanjima v09 c76-79 (2 of 2) Higanjima 67.92MB View
dl1 Baptist v01 c02 Baptist 10.29MB View
dl5 Baptist v01 c01 Baptist 13.12MB View
dl4 Higanjima v09 c71-75 (1 of 2) Higanjima 60.64MB View