Uploads for Monday, October 8th 2012

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dl5 Hiiro no Marionetta (Complete) Hiiro no Marionetta 68.49MB View
dl5 Hana to Rakurai v01 c01 Hana to Rakurai 41.19MB View
dl4 Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu v03 c36 Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu 19.98MB View
dl4 Shishunki na Adam v01 c02 Shishunki na Adam 27.91MB View
dl5 Zipang v07 c64 Zipang 11.05MB View
dl4 Zipang v06 c54-63 + Extra Zipang 77.57MB View
dl3 Shibatora v04 c23-31 Shibatora 46.46MB View
dl5 Satou-kun to Tanaka-san - The Blood Highschool v01 c10 Satou-kun to Tanaka-san - The Blood Highschool 4.16MB View
dl4 Sekai no Hate v02 c06 Sekai no Hate 34.22MB View
dl2 She's Gon v03 c19 She's Gon 7.55MB View
dl5 Q and A v06 c30-34 Q and A 41.88MB View
dl4 Q and A v05 c24-29 Q and A 37.33MB View
dl2 Kimiiro Focus v09 c33-36 Kimiiro Focus 51.87MB View
dl3 Kimiiro Focus v08 c29-32 Kimiiro Focus 58.43MB View
dl5 Kimiiro Focus v07 c25-28 Kimiiro Focus 69.42MB View
dl5 Baby Steps v14 c123-131 Baby Steps 57.28MB View
dl5 City of Darkness: Season 1 c31 City of Darkness 10.58MB View
dl3 Kurokami no Helga (Complete) Kurokami no Helga 37.67MB View