Uploads for Monday, October 8th 2012

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dl5 Hiiro no Marionetta (Complete) Hiiro no Marionetta 68.49MB View
dl5 Hana to Rakurai v01 c01 Hana to Rakurai 41.19MB View
dl4 Shishunki na Adam v01 c02 Shishunki na Adam 27.91MB View
dl5 Zipang v07 c64 Zipang 11.05MB View
dl4 Zipang v06 c54-63 + Extra Zipang 77.57MB View
dl3 Shibatora v04 c23-31 Shibatora 46.46MB View
dl5 Satou-kun to Tanaka-san - The Blood Highschool v01 c10 Satou-kun to Tanaka-san - The Blood Highschool 4.16MB View
dl4 Sekai no Hate v02 c06 Sekai no Hate 34.22MB View
dl2 She's Gon v03 c19 She's Gon 7.55MB View
dl5 Q and A v06 c30-34 Q and A 41.88MB View
dl4 Q and A v05 c24-29 Q and A 37.33MB View
dl2 Kimiiro Focus v09 c33-36 Kimiiro Focus 51.87MB View
dl3 Kimiiro Focus v08 c29-32 Kimiiro Focus 58.43MB View
dl5 Kimiiro Focus v07 c25-28 Kimiiro Focus 69.42MB View
dl5 Baby Steps v14 c123-131 Baby Steps 57.28MB View
dl5 City of Darkness: Season 1 c31 City of Darkness 10.58MB View
dl3 Kurokami no Helga (Complete) Kurokami no Helga 37.67MB View