Uploads for Thursday, November 8th 2012

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dl3 Anagle Mole v02 c33 Anagle Mole 3.90MB View
dl1 Dorohedoro v17 c102-109 + Omake Dorohedoro 75.82MB View
dl3 Fukigen Cinderella v02 c12 Fukigen Cinderella 15.68MB View
dl3 Gunjou (KIRIHARA Idumi) v02 c09 Gunjou (KIRIHARA Idumi) 11.47MB View
dl4 Gunjou (KIRIHARA Idumi) v02 c10 Gunjou (KIRIHARA Idumi) 9.91MB View
dl2 Kamakura Deco & Kofu Life v01 c01-05 + Extra Kamakura Deco & Kofu Life 72.01MB View
dl4 Mitsudomoe v13 c233-236 Mitsudomoe 15.38MB View
dl5 Queen's Blade - Rurou no Senshi v01 c01-06 Queen's Blade - Rurou no Senshi 99.74MB View
dl3 Samurai Usagi v01 c01-07 Samurai Usagi 45.13MB View
dl1 Samurai Usagi v02 c08-16 + Omake Samurai Usagi 62.77MB View
dl1 Samurai Usagi v03 c17-25 + Extras Samurai Usagi 65.84MB View
dl3 Sazanami Cherry v01 c01-06 + Extras Sazanami Cherry 30.69MB View
dl4 Suashi no Meteorite v02 c09 Suashi no Meteorite 17.40MB View
dl3 The Idolm@ster Dearly Stars: Neue Green v01 c08 The Idolm@ster Dearly Stars: Neue Green 27.83MB View
dl2 Tokarev no Ayaui Shiro v01 c01-04 Tokarev no Ayaui Shiro 58.93MB View
dl1 Zipang v07 c69 Zipang 6.29MB View