Uploads for Sunday, May 5th 2013

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dl3 Gun x Clover v01 c12 Gun x Clover 9.20MB View
dl1 Seishun Hanashinjuu v01 c01 Seishun Hanashinjuu 5.77MB View
dl1 Gashuu Gashuu 43.36MB View
dl5 Glamorous Lip (Complete) Glamorous Lip 21.15MB View
dl4 Dear! v01 c04 Dear! 29.71MB View
dl3 Absolute Duo v01 c00 Absolute Duo 5.88MB View
dl2 Addicted to Curry v01 c01-10 + Extra Addicted to Curry 41.25MB View
dl1 Strike the Blood v02 c06 Strike the Blood 12.28MB View
dl3 Echo-Pun v02 c14-26 + After Story Echo-Pun 45.87MB View
dl2 Uwasa no Midori-kun v08 c36 Uwasa no Midori-kun 12.99MB View
dl1 Yellow Gate! v02 c06-11 + Extra Yellow Gate! 45.89MB View