Uploads for Friday, September 20th 2013

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dl2 Sukishiki Yuuyoujyutsu (Complete) Sukishiki Yuuyoujyutsu 38.66MB View
dl4 Natsunokumo v03 c10-14 Natsunokumo 59.79MB View
dl1 The Children's Teacher, Mr. Kwon c01-15 The Children's Teacher, Mr. Kwon 81.26MB View
dl5 Star's Last Wish c07 Star's Last Wish 7.77MB View
dl4 Star's Last Wish c06 Star's Last Wish 8.01MB View
dl3 Star's Last Wish c05 Star's Last Wish 8.82MB View
dl2 Star's Last Wish c04 Star's Last Wish 7.83MB View
dl1 Star's Last Wish c03 Star's Last Wish 11.29MB View
dl5 The Day the Magpie Cries c04 The Day the Magpie Cries 6.06MB View
dl4 Star's Last Wish c02 Star's Last Wish 12.41MB View
dl3 Star's Last Wish c01 Star's Last Wish 9.37MB View
dl2 Star's Last Wish c00 Star's Last Wish 5.46MB View
dl1 G-Defend v07 c19 (Bunko v05) G-Defend 11.51MB View
dl5 G-Defend v07 c18 (Bunko v05) G-Defend 12.34MB View
dl4 G-Defend v07 c17 (Bunko v05) G-Defend 17.79MB View
dl3 G-Defend v07 c16 (Bunko v04) G-Defend 18.01MB View
dl2 The Day the Magpie Cries c05 The Day the Magpie Cries 6.68MB View
dl1 Twinkle Twinkle 35.16MB View
dl5 Under One Roof v01 c08 Under One Roof 2.06MB View
dl4 Under One Roof v01 c07 Under One Roof 1.37MB View
dl3 Under One Roof v01 c06 Under One Roof 1.48MB View
dl2 Under One Roof v01 c04 Under One Roof 6.90MB View
dl1 Under One Roof v01 c05 Under One Roof 2.23MB View
dl5 Under One Roof v01 c03 Under One Roof 4.63MB View
dl4 Under One Roof v01 c02 Under One Roof 3.60MB View
dl3 Under One Roof v01 c01 Under One Roof 2.67MB View
dl2 A Thousand Years Ninetails c48 A Thousand Years Ninetails 6.21MB View
dl1 Gosan no Heart v01 Extra02 Gosan no Heart 6.56MB View
dl5 Gosan no Heart v01 Extra01 Gosan no Heart 4.64MB View
dl4 Gosan no Heart v01 c03 Gosan no Heart 19.79MB View
dl3 Gosan no Heart v01 c02 Gosan no Heart 17.24MB View
dl2 Porotto Koboreta Porotto Koboreta 9.30MB View
dl5 Honto Yajuu v07 c13 Honto Yajuu 15.32MB View
dl3 Piano no Mori v14 c120 Piano no Mori 8.40MB View
dl2 Billy Bat v12 c103 Billy Bat 9.43MB View
dl5 Hajime no Ippo v105 c1030 Hajime no Ippo 5.73MB View
dl2 Sun-ken Rock v19 c126 Sun-ken Rock 9.65MB View
dl1 Kaerenaindayo (Complete) Kaerenaindayo 50.96MB View
dl1 Byousoku Zero Mile v01 c04 Byousoku Zero Mile 16.23MB View
dl5 Byousoku Zero Mile v01 c03 Byousoku Zero Mile 10.28MB View
dl4 Nar Kiss v01 c03 Nar Kiss 15.80MB View
dl5 Chihayafuru v08 c45-47 (2 of 2) Chihayafuru 57.93MB View
dl4 Chihayafuru v08 c42-44 (1 of 2) Chihayafuru 52.49MB View
dl3 Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome v06 part 24-32 Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome 81.80MB View
dl1 Silver Diamond v17 c51 Silver Diamond 21.73MB View
dl5 Double Sentiment v01 c02 Double Sentiment 12.28MB View
dl4 Vivid Cherry v01 c01 Vivid Cherry 15.58MB View
dl3 Oresama Teacher v17 c096 Oresama Teacher 9.38MB View
dl2 Oresama Teacher v17 c095 Oresama Teacher 24.95MB View
dl5 Fallen Flower v01 c01 Fallen Flower 34.44MB View
dl4 Adekan - DramaCD Bonus Adekan 7.68MB View
dl3 Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar v08 c156 Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 2.93MB View
dl5 Detective Academy Q v09 c70 Detective Academy Q 5.36MB View
dl4 The Breaker: New Waves v08 c129 The Breaker: New Waves 3.51MB View
dl5 Adekan v04 c13.1-14.2 + Extra Adekan 95.40MB View
dl4 Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri v07 c25-28 + Omake Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri 69.37MB View
dl3 Nice Guy Syndrome v06 c21-24 Nice Guy Syndrome 64.52MB View
dl5 Dear My Teacher v01 c01 Dear My Teacher 23.79MB View
dl3 Tomodachi Gokko v01 c03 Tomodachi Gokko 15.83MB View
dl2 Slow Step v07 c54 Slow Step 9.29MB View
dl1 Honey Quartet v01 c05 Honey Quartet 11.61MB View
dl5 Honey Quartet v01 c04 Honey Quartet 7.85MB View