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Important Notes:

  • There are some series which we cannot host for legal reasons, if you are unable to find a series you think we should have please consult the Do Not Upload List to see if it is one of those series..
  • If you are just looking to browse for series or one shots you may have better luck using the Extended Series List or Oneshots pages. These both support filtering based on genre and other features which should make browsing much more convenient .
  • When searching for text with more than one word (School Life, Reverse Harem, KUBO Tite) you must wrap the phrase in quotation marks (") to ensure proper results for the series search.
    Ex. Search for: Comedy "School Life" NOT Comedy School Life.
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The symbol Complete next to a result indicates that the series is completely available on Manga Traders.
The symbol No Download next to a result indicates that the series is on the Do Not Upload List.